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Total Quality Management Solution

This segment of our quality services in very important for the clients who import textiles from any specific supplier on regular basis.
Textilians team design this specific solution to improve the product quality at a specific supplier gradually.
We get involved in the process right after the issuance of Purchase order between client and supplier. All initial sampling is checked by our inspectors and outcome is shared with both parties for any necessary improvements or approvals.

Once the raw material (yarn or fabric) is in-house, we inspect and report. We also check if any printing or embroidery process is involved before goods are inducted in stitching.
Regular in-line and DUPRO inspections are conducted in sewing & finishing operations and in the light of our reports both customer and factories discuss possible corrective action plan. Textilians keep involved throughout the process to make sure true implementation of any plans on behalf of client.
Final inspection is conducted by different quality auditors to cross check and avoid any possible human errors.


⦁ Customer receives preferred experience with the specific supplier
⦁ Regular in-line inspections help in avoiding any surprises related to product quality and the outcome is no more shipment delays
⦁ Chances of any critical and major faults in the products are minimized
⦁ Gradually factory staff get trained on exact customer needs regarding product quality
⦁ Automatic updates on Time & Action (TNA)
⦁ This program is suitable for the customers who want to go longer in their supply chain module with their factories and want to assure the quality of the product right at first time on the floor of factory

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