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Third Party Textile Inspections

Following are our most wanted services. You can also set up a discussion with us for more flexible and customized solution according to your needs.

In-Line / DUPRO During Production Inspection

⦁ Conducted when 20-50% production is completed
⦁ Workmanship, aesthetic, size measurement, raw material specs and accessories are checked

Final / PSI
Pre-Shipment Inspection

⦁ Conducted when 50-80% production is completed and goods are ready to ship
⦁ Quantity is verified
⦁ Products are randomly selected for inspection

Total Quality Management Solution

⦁ We start working right after the purchase order is committed between the customer and supplier
⦁ Keep following up with factory for induction of raw materials

Factory Evaluation

⦁ We visit the factory on behalf of our customer and cross check its details
⦁ Factory’s physical presence and operations are cross checked against its business profile

Random Sample Pick

⦁ We pick up a sample randomly from the ready shipment
⦁ Customer will receive the best and true representation of their shipment at factory

Production Monitoring

⦁ We visit factory and update our customer about production of a specific purchase order
⦁ Factory’s in-house data related to production process is checked and reported

Container Loading Inspection

Conducted while container is going to be loaded with goods ready to Ship.
⦁ We make sure that products are packed correctly and will not damage during the shipping process

Sustainability Check

⦁ We check on behalf of our customer if their vendors a
re sustainable in their practices or not.
⦁ Our customers are more confident to claim their product sustainable after our

100% Inspection

⦁ We visit factory and update our customer about production of a specific purchase order
⦁ Factory’s in-house data related to production process is checked and reported

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Open to conduct Pre-Shipment Quality Inspections after office hours and during the week ends as well.


We choose cooperation over coordination and are proactive in our approach


Your eyes, ears and hands on the factory floor to save your time, money and avoid any risks


Since 2015 Textilians is growing in its business of providing third party quality inspection services


System should work and people should monitor

If you are importing any kind of textile product from Pakistan, we welcome you to avail our quality inspection services. In start we undergo a brief session of discussion with you to understand all detail about scope of your product, its specs and key areas of product quality you want to focus. Accordingly, we offer the best suitable solution for you out of our Quality Inspection services bucket.
Price is also locked at this stage and then we need all the technical details and quality manual from your side. Usually, we need a 24 hours’ notice to conduct inspection in the factory.
We are flexible in using our own reporting format or yours as well. After inspection a quick on-site report is get signed by the factory official and also shared with you right at the time. Detailed report with all pictorial evidences is shared on the next working day.
We use all possible ways of modern communication such as email, WhatsApp, Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet. We are quite available for any queries even after the inspection.

Total Quality Management Solution

This segment of our quality services in very important for the clients who import textiles from any specific supplier on regular basis.
Textilians team design this specific solution to improve the product quality at a specific supplier gradually.


Affordable Prices With Best Services

Our service charges are designed to offer our customer per man per day cost all inclusive. Yes, negotiable under certain conditions.

General Inspections

US $150 Per Man Per Day

Premium Services

US $1200 Per Month

Deluxe Technical / Special Inspections

US $280 Per Man Per Day