About us

A team of experienced textile technologists offering customized quality control and quality assurance solutions to the textile industry.


Customized QC & QA services focusing only textile industry and making our customers feel special while working for them on the factory floor as their eyes, ears and hands.


Our vision is to achieve the maximum assurance in quality of our customer’s products to a level where our customer has no need to re-inspect its products in-house. We focus the satisfaction of the clients of our customers in terms of the quality of the product. 




  • Conducted when 20-60% production is completed
  • Product quantity, quality, specs of raw material and accessories are checked
  • Both finished and unfinished products are inspected
  • Customer’s driven standards or international standards such as American 4 point system or AQL are followed
  • Factory’s in-house quality control system is also checked and reported to customer
  • Is an early warning to control the defect rate at initial stage of production
  • Best way to avoid any last minute surprise 

  • Conducted when 100% production is completed and goods are ready to ship
  • Quantity is verified
  • Customer’s driven standards or international standards such as American 4 point system or AQL are followed
  • Products are inspected for all major / minor faults
  • Measurement specs of the products are recorded and reported
  • All possible function test of the product are performed and recorded
  • Products are randomly selected for inspection
  • Inspected boxes / rolls are chopped for an easy traceability
  • Packaging and shipping marks are checked
  • Verification of barcodes and carton drop test is conducted
  • In-house QC record of factory is checked and verified
  • On-site summary report with detected number of major/minor faults is immediately shared after the inspection is done so that customer can make a decision about shipping the goods
  • Detailed report with inspection photos is shared later.
  • We pick up a sample randomly from the ready shipment
  • Customer will receive the best and true representation of their shipment at factory
  • Sample is sealed and chopped properly by our staff and then shipped to customer
  • We can also inspect the sample ourselves and get it tested from the certified third party lab on behalf of customer
  • We visit factory and update our customer about production of a specific purchase order
  • Factory’s in-house data related to production process is checked and reported
  • Photos of production process and work-in-process are shared with customer
  • Customer can save time and money by Knowing if the goods are on-time or not
  • Conducted while container is going to be loaded with goods ready to Ship.
  • We make sure that products are packed correctly and will not damage during the shipping process
  • Empty container is checked for any possible damage or leakage and cleanliness.
  • Handling of products is checked during the loading process to avoid any damage or loss
  • Quantity of goods loaded is checked, verified and reported
  • Condition of the boxes / rolls is checked and reported
  • Dimension and weight of the boxes / rolls is checked and reported
  • Proper stacking of boxes / rolls is checked so that unloading is also easier at customer’s warehouse
  • Shipping marks should be visible and not damaged
  • Detailed report with photos is shared with customer within 24 hours of the completion of the loading process
  • We visit the factory on behalf of our customer and cross check its details
  • Factory’s physical presence and operations cross checking against its business profile
  • Assurance of all documentation required by the local business authorities
  • Building, infrastructure, machinery and equipment detail and condition
  • Organizational chart review
  • Production process and its flow is checked
  • Internal quality control system’s details are verified 
  • This help our customers to know all major details about the factory they are going to work with
  • We check on behalf of our customer if their vendors are sustainable in their practices or not.
  • Our customers are more confident to claim their product sustainable after our sustainability check under various custom and international standards
  • We start working right after the purchase order is committed between the customer and supplier
  • Keep following up with factory for induction of raw materials
  • Inspect the quality of raw material and report
  • Keep working with factory for start of production
  • Inspect the first meter / production unit and report
  • Conduct in-line / DUPRO inspections on regular intervals according the nature of production process. All reports are shared  with customer for necessary directions.
  • Implementation of the customer’s comments based on the in-line / DUPRO inspection results and train the factory staff accordingly
  • Conduct the PSI (pre-shipment inspection) once the goods are ready to ship


  • Customer is aware of the TNA of its product being followed or not as per the decided lead time with factory
  • Regular in-line inspections make sure that most of the products passed through our inspection at any stage of the production process
  • Chances of any failure remain at minimum possible level
  • We work very close with customer under this program
  • Factories get trained and sync to the exact needs and wants of customer with the passage of time
  • This program is suitable for the customers who want to go longer in their supply chain module with their factories and want to assure the quality of the product right at first time on the floor of factory


  • Ring Spun & Open End Yarns for Knitting or Weaving
  • Ecru Yarns, Mercerized Yarns, Bleached Yarns, Dyed Yarns
  • Plain Yarns, Single Yarns, Slub Yarns, Double Yarn, Multi Count Yarns
  • 100% Cotton, Poly Cotton, Core Spun Lycra Yarns
  • 4/1 ~ 120/1 Yarn Count 

  • Woven & Knitted Fabrics
  • Greige Fabrics, Dyed Fabrics, Finished Fabrics, Denim Fabrics, Printed Fabrics, PFGD Fabrics
  • Twills, Drills, Poplins, Canvases, Satins, Dobbies, Jacquards
  • 100% Cotton, Poly Cotton, Cotton Stretch, Poly Cotton Stretch, 100% Polyester, Special Blends
  • 100 GSM ~ 400 GSM

  • Woven, Knits
  • Fashion Wear, Casual Wear, Formal Wear, Work Wear, Active Wear
  • Tops, Bottom, Socks, Gloves
  • 100% Cotton, Poly Cotton, Cotton Stretch, Poly Cotton Stretch, 100% Polyester, Special Blends

  • Bed Linen, Kitchen Linen, Institutional, Towels
  • 100% Cotton, Poly Cotton, 100% Polyester, Special Blends
  • Apparels, Accessories, Home Textiles, Caps & Bags Etc.

Business Model

» Customized report format
» Standard report format
» Real Time Report Sharing 
» Flexible Inspection Booking 

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